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Wujiazhuang Village, Hebei, China
Wujiazhuang Village, Hebei, China
Wujiazhuang Village, Hebei, China
Wujiazhuang Village, Hebei, China
Beijing, China
Chengdu, China
An NGO worker tests the water at a toxic waste dump that's reportedly affecting the local populations water supply in Inner Mongolia, China
Like many other workers, this woman's only protection from toxic mercury, lead, and cadmium substances are a pair of cotton gloves in the E-waste village of Guiyu.
”E-waste village” Guiyu, China
E-waste facility in Guiyu, China
”E-waste village” Guiyu, China
A Tibetan monk prepares a meal for the others in a remote monastery in Tagong whose altitude of roughly 12,000 feet makes it one of the highest towns in the world.
Dondoup, a twenty-five year-old monk on the Tibetan Plateau, began his spiritual journey before the age of ten.
Young monks get ready for class in a monastery in Tagong, China.
Tagong, China
A bride is carried in a traditional carriage during her wedding procession in Shenyang, China.
Heavy pollution fills the air from a natural gas plant in Northern China
A sex worker rests while waiting for her next guest. As of 2013, there is an estimated 6 - 10 million people involved in the sex trade in China.
Migrants working at a denim factory in Guangdong, China
A young woman prepares herself to play the role of a man in a cross-dressing, role-reversing performance. Once banned for a decade during the Cultural Revolution, a faithful few performers continue to dedicate their careers to the Beijing Opera.
Local fisherman fish via eletricfied nets in a toxic waterway in Hangzhou, China
Free the Children (an International NGO) in conjunction with local officials helped to build a new primary school for the children of Wujiazhuang. This the first village in China to receive a primary school from FTC.
A petitioner stays at an underground safe house in Beijing, China. She and others from a village in Hebei province all have children whom they claim have fell victim to poisoning from contaminated milk from their local supplier.
A petitioner who has come to the Beijing national courts assembles her deceased child's photos, medical records and supporting documentation.
Primarily known for it's iron and steel producing industries, the historically water-scarce city of Zhangjiakou has won the bid to be the co-host for the 2022 Winter Olympics.
This razed community in Zhangjiakou city is still home to many residents and squatters who stay until local law enforcement remove them from their homes.
Filmmaker and artist Zhang Bingjian stands in his Beijing based studio of portraits of corrupt Chinese officials. Over the years, Zhang has commissioned more than 1,600 portraits of officials convicted of corruption.
Dukezong, the legendary 1300 year-old Tibetan village in Shangri-La gave way to a massive fire in 2014 and no longer exists.
A sun-shower falls over the 1300 year-old Tibetan village Dukezong in Shangri-La which gave way to a massive fire in 2014.
Migrants assemble children’s clothing in a small textile factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Huzhou City is one of the largest children’s clothing manufacturers in China.
Villager Fu Huiying, 76, shows one of her feet, which were first broken and bound when she was 7. The age-old practice of foot binding was outlawed after the 1949 communist takeover.
A housing development under construction in Huzhou, China. With a combination of massive oversupply and a shortage of financing for developers, China’s housing bubble popped in 2014.
A child with albinism rests in a special-needs orphanage in Northern China.
As of 2015, birth defects have increased about 70 percent in China over the last two decades, now reaching about 900,000 per year, says the country’s Ministry of Health.
Special-needs orphanage in Langfang, China
Heavy smog pours from a power plant in Guangxi, China.
“May” helps run a grass-roots NGO in Southern China that aids and advocates for migrant workers who's employers refuse to compensate them for their factory-related injuries. She and her organization receive regular death threats and visits at their offices and homes.
The Muslim Uighur and Hui ethnic minorities slaughter and sell fresh Halal meat in front of their mosque in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia.
A trainer forces a performance elephant down with force after it refused to respond to his commands in Shenzhen, China. Although performance animal treatment has improved in Beijing and Shanghai, lesser known Chinese zoos continue to use inadequate housing and outdated practices.
Western wedding cues have taken root even in small traditional village weddings in Shandong, China.
Hundreds of fishing boats set sail off the coast of Zhejiang, China.